Parker Management is the fresh face of the Pacific Northwest. We've combined top models and influencers across the U.S. to offer multi-dimensional talent to top brands around the world.

What makes us different?

Our talent. We represent a full spectrum of recognized models, creators and bloggers throughout the country. While we still have traditional models, the other side to Parker Management is our influencer division. Unlike other modeling agencies, we don't just have models with a large following and call them "influencers." Our influencers are true creators, developing high quality content for brands.  

Our relationships. Tight-knit relationships with both our talent and the brands we work with are the foundation of our company. We believe in a very hands on approach to working with our talent to help them be successful. We also have a "go above and beyond" philosophy with the brands we service to ensure they get the best talent and experience.

Our experience. We are a team of some of the hardest working people in the business. Collectively with our experience on both the traditional modeling and the digital/creative side, we are offering a fresh approach to the world of talent agencies. 


Kyle Summers

Director of Booking & Development

Lindsay Nead


Tyson Nead

Managing Director

Together our team has worked with some of the largest brand names in the fashion, fitness, beauty and outdoor apparel industries.

Lindsay Nead

Part creative, part businesswoman, Lindsay has spent the last 10 years flourishing in the digital and advertising space. After years of managing and developing models, she realized the need for closer agency/talent relationships, as well as the need to branch out from traditional talent. She felt that while traditional modeling still remains strong, a new type of talent has emerged, and those are creators with a social footprint. Lindsay, or as the team calls her, "boss lady," oversees both the modeling and influencer divisions here at Parker Management. 

Kyle Summers

Five years ago, Kyle delved into the modeling industry by a pure but happy accident, moving up quickly from an intern out of college to the Director of Booking at his previous agency. Kyle quickly discovered the beauty & fulfillment he received by providing brands with muses and inspiration for their content. Coming from a psychology background, he believes that personality and tact should always be paired with beauty to ensure a models career longevity; believing that traditional or non-traditional beauty can be embraced in all realms and markets if nurtured and marketed properly. Kyle runs our modeling division here at Parker Management. He is also our part-time in-house comedian. 

Tyson Nead

We say it lovingly, but Tyson is our brains and beauty man! Tyson began his modeling career nearly 10 years ago when he was recruited to model while going to college for Biology. His proven success came from not only his professionalism, but the relationships he cultivated in the industry. Here at Parker Management, Tyson handles all of our business and finance, but also steps in to help with model development and scouting efforts.