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The Skinny on IG Stories

February 07, 2018

refinery 29

We all know and love them - IG stories keep us captivated all day long, loading us up with content and giving us a deeper look into someone's life or brand. But what makes people hang on? What is "overdoing it" on stories? How can you stand out? How much do people charge on IG stories?

We've answered some of your burning questions below!

1. How many IG stories is overkill?

The best way to judge this (if you use the Instagram for Business tool), is to see how many people you are losing midway through. If you are getting a lot of people leaving your stories or skipping forward, you should reevaluate your approach. Posting too many stories everyday will also be a sure way to bug your followers. On the contrary, not posting stories often enough can also be detrimental to your brand.  It's all about balance! 

2. Should I utilize Instagram highlights?

Of course you should! Most people will all start utilizing it in due time, so get into the game now. Keep this specific and also don't overdo these either. Utilize this for true highlights

3. What are the best tools to use for keeping IG stories looking aesthetically pleasing and professional?

We love using apps like Canva, InShot and Spark Post to keep your stories looking lovely. We also suggest using the same color schemes or backgrounds for text posts to keep things looking on-brand and consistent. 

4. What are the best ways to keep your audience engaged on stories?

Mix it up! Have you noticed how people will post 20 frame stories where they are talking to you and they lose you after the 4th one? Save those long chats for an IG live or try to condense those. Showing more of your whole day, and mixing it up between videos, boomerangs, and photos will help keep your audience hanging on for more! 

5. What do people typically charge a brand to post an IG story?

This largely depends on how many average story views, followers, and engagement someone gets. There is no true formula for this, but we typically suggest charging "per story frame," and cutting your regular posting rates in half to get your IG story rate. 

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