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How to Get Brands to Notice Your Instagram

February 24, 2018

Today we are talking about getting your Instagram SEEN! This goes beyond just trying to find your niche and aesthetic, because that is a whole other post in itself. But if you are trying to get brands to work with you, here is what it comes down to:

  1. Create a noticeable feed. Learning how to edit images on your phone is key! From VSCO to A Color Story, etc., there are so many great apps that will help make your images beautiful - no professional camera needed! The better your photos and content, the more likely a brand will be to work with you. Remember, if a brand wants to pay you for sponsored posting, you are essentially an ad for them, so it needs to be well worth the money!
  2. Mix it up. Creating dynamic content is ideal. If you love fashion and have great style, then posting yourself in different outfit daily is a great idea. BUT... if you are excited about wellness and everything from food to yoga - then show some diversity. Our girl Tori does a great job at this. She has a smaller following, but she’s growing FAST. Take a look at how well her feed plays out. Nothing seems too contrived, but it still flows nicely.
  3. Tag away. Let's not get too crazy here with the tags, but if you are wearing an activewear outfit from your favorite brand and standing in front of the gym, tag the brand! And the gym! Brands repost content from their followers often. It will not only help you potentially grow your following by a repost, but the brand is going see who you are!
  4. DM your favorite brands and watch them respond! Say hello to a brand and let them know you love their company and would love to work with them somehow! You'd be surprised at how many brands will respond to you. 
  5. Produce great content. This is the bottom line here and similar to our first point. Find your voice, find your aesthetic, be consistent and BRAND yourself if you want to use your Instagram to work with other brands. 

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